Attention Seniors Who Love To Hike: Here Are The 7 Best Walking Poles Just For You

You don’t have to scratch hiking off of your activity list just because you’re getting older.

This great activity remains quite accessible for older adults because they can select trails that do not overtax their current physical abilities. 

If you have concerns about straining yourself too much, look into walking sticks for seniors.

They are great tools for maintaining an active lifestyle as you age.

They help you feel confident and safer on the trail.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Walking Poles?

Exercise walking sticks expand the physical workout that you get from a hike. According to the Mayo Clinic, stepping along with your walking poles exercises your upper body while your lower body works on moving you forward.

Your chest, arms, and shoulders join the action so that you achieve a full-body workout. This vigorous walking workout you get from using walking poles is known as Nordic walking.

Seniors benefit from using walking sticks because:

  • You can go faster and get a better aerobic workout.
  • The addition of upper body movements burns more calories.
  • You maintain better stability and better balance as you walk.
  • You reduce the chance of falling or other injuries.
  • The full-body workout improves your posture.
  • You might be able to hike trails with some challenging sections.

7 Best Walking Poles for Seniors

Most products have similar features. To make the best choice for you, pay close attention to handle design and adjustment systems.

1. Aluminum Trekking Walking Hiking Poles Adjustable for All Heights by BAFX Products

Aluminum pole material ensures durability without being heavy to carry. Each pole only weighs about 12 ounces. Poles allow for a big range of adjustment from 26.5 to 53.25 inches. This means that they work for people of almost all sizes up to 6 feet 4 inches. Wrist straps and ergonomic handgrips give you the flexibility to use the poles or let them dangle free when you don’t need support.

You get your choice of three different poles tips. Select the best one depending on if you’re on softer ground or rocky terrain. Choose the rubber tip for pavement or the carbide tips for gravel or icy surfaces. The mud disc works for loose materials such as snow, sand, or mud.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Choice of three colors
  • Shock-absorbing pole design


  • May not fit easily into luggage

2. KINGGEAR Trekking Adjustable Aluminum Poles With Quick Flip Lock, Anti-Sweat Cork, and Tungsten Tips

This set of poles really shines with the level of detail in the construction of the handgrips. A comfortable handgrip can pay off when you’re on rugged terrain. 

A firm grip can prevent you from slipping. The natural cork grips absorb sweat so that your hands are much less likely to slip. This is a good consideration when you plan a warm-weather hike without gloves.

As for the rest of the product, you get strong poles made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. Adjust their length from 25.5 to 54 inches with the quick flip-lock. The poles come with a selection of tips, including tungsten carbide for rocky trails, ski tips, rubber tips, and mud basket tips.


  • Wrist bands and cork grips
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Quick and easy length adjustments
  • 1-year, money-back guarantee


  • Mid-range price point

3. Trek-Z Cork Handle 2pc Ultralight Folding Walking Sticks, Lightweight Aluminum 7075 for Trail Seniors Men Women

This pair of Trek-Z poles stand out with the retractable tri-fold design that reduces them to 15 inches in length. You’ll have no trouble fitting them into a backpack or small suitcase. The poles feature a dual grip design with cork hand grips and foam pads below the main grip.

Strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum forms the pole shafts. As an aluminum product, you don’t have to worry about them rusting or corroding after exposure to moisture on a wet or snowy trail.

Poles are adjustable from 43 to 51 inches. Outfit the poles with your choice of five tips depending on your trail conditions.


  • Non-slip hand grips
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Five tips


  • Too long for people shorter than 5’2″

4. ACTIVATOR Poles for Balance and Rehab / Stability / Walking / Nordic Walking Poles

Seniors with more mobility challenges may want these premium walking poles. Designed by an occupational therapist, the poles are built to meet the rigorous standards of rehabilitation exercises. These poles are appropriate if you are recovering from knee or hip surgery.

They possess bell-shaped tips that produce maximum stability on floors and paved surfaces. Length is adjusted with a simple snap and slide button system. Poles fit people up to 6 feet tall.


  • Great for seniors coping with mobility challenges
  • Comfortable ergonomic grips
  • Sturdy aluminum shafts


  • Not meant for unpaved trails

5. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles – Adjustable Hiking Poles for Snowshoe & Backpacking Gear

This is the top choice for lightweight walking poles made from 7075 aluminum when pole weight is a concern for you. At a mere 275 grams per pole, TrailBuddy poles promise to reduce strain on your hands during a long hike. The handles have padded straps, and cork handles for non-slip comfort and security.

Pole length is adjustable from 25.5 to 54 inches. The lever lock system enables single-handed adjustments. Among hikers, this is considered an easier system than two-handed twist locks.


  • Very lightweight
  • Threaded foot covers
  • Four different feet options


  • Complicated construction with small parts

6. ALAFEN Walking Stick – Collapsible Trekking Pole for Seniors

If you’re in the market for a single walking stick instead of a pair of poles, then this item presents a quality choice. The shaft is made of lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy. A tungsten steel rod at the tip provides extra strength and reliability for the foot.

A quick lock system makes adjustments easy and quick. Change the length from 43.3 to 49 inches. When you need to pack away the stick, you’ll appreciate how it folds down to a super small 14.1 inches. This one fits in any backpack for sure.


  • Folds small for storage
  • Sweat absorbing foam handle
  • Wrist straps
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Single stick

7. New Balance Trekking Poles Walking Sticks

This pair of exercise poles represents a great value at a low price. A sleek, uncomplicated design lets you focus on your workout more than fiddling with adjustments.

The walking sticks extend as long as 53 inches, which makes them a good fit for most adults. Once again, you get lightweight poles constructed of 7075 aluminum. The foam grips keep strain on your hands to a minimum, and the automatically adjusting wrist straps ensure that they won’t slip off your arms.


  • Tungsten carbide reinforced tips
  • Clips to keep poles together in storage
  • Shock-absorbing design


  • Only basic tip option

What Exercises Can You Do with Walking Poles?

You’ll get the most benefit from walking with poles when you use the proper technique. Practicing your form at home before you hit the trail is recommended. 

A properly executed Nordic walk engages nearly 90% of your muscles. Take the time to adjust your poles to be a comfortable height for you.

To practice your walking technique, keep a straight back so that your rib cage feels open. Put your hands through the wrist straps, and just let the poles hang and drag at your sides for a few slow steps.

Increase your pace slightly, grip the poles, and swing your arms with your strides. On the backward swing of an arm, push the pole against the ground to increase your forward momentum. Loosen your grip on the forward arm swing.

Other exercises you can do with walking poles:

1. Reverse Lunge:  Stand up very straight while holding your poles. Bend your elbows and move one leg back while lowering your other knee to the ground. Use the poles to maintain balance and move slowly. As you stand back up, bring your rear leg forward and lift the knee to hip level. Repeat this motion with the other leg. Work each leg eight to 10 times.

2. Squat:  Place your poles slightly in front of you with your feet positioned a bit wider apart than your shoulders. Bend your knees as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep your chest lifted and use the poles to stop yourself from falling backward. Slowly stand back straight and repeat the squats about ten times.

Final Thoughts

If concerns about losing your footing have been keeping you off of the trails, then it’s time to try some walking sticks for seniors.

On top of engaging in full-body exercise, hiking gets you outside in the sunshine, where your body can generate vitamin D. 

If you love hiking, and you're a senior, this post is for you. Find out the best walking poles for senior available in the market.

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