6 Of The Best Velcro Shoes For Swollen Feet For Men And Women

Chronically swollen feet warrant medical attention because they are likely a symptom of a dangerous health condition.

Heart disease reduces blood circulation, which leaves fluids to pool in the lower extremities.

Vascular damage caused by diabetes produces swollen diabetic feet.

Bone and tendon injuries or arthritis cause painful foot inflammation.

In addition to medical treatment, you may choose to manage foot swelling, also known as edema, by selecting stretchy shoes for swollen feet.

They are easier to put on and provide soothing comfort.

Their Velcro closures let you customize the fit and, if desired, apply light pressure that could combat swelling.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading styles of extra wide shoes for swollen feet on the market for men and women.

6 of the Best Velcro Shoes for Swollen Feet

Velcro Shoes for Men

1. Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Diabetics generally appreciate these slippers. Even on your worst days with swollen feet, their stretchable, 100% synthetic uppers have the flexibility to slide on. Although these are slippers, they have a neutral appearance and could serve as shoes on casual outings.

The extra-wide Velcro flap makes adjusting the slippers a one-step process. You can open the shoe almost completely and have space to insert your foot without feeling like you have to force something over a painfully swollen foot. You won’t need to struggle when taking them off either.

On the inside, a breathable, open-cell material forms the insoles. This material reduces moisture next to your skin and helps to maintain a comfortable foot temperature. If you need to wear orthotics, then you can make room by taking out the footbed.

This product qualifies for Medicare reimbursement for people who need therapeutic diabetic shoes. However, this may not be the best choice for the swollen feet of elderly. Although diabetics report great comfort with these slippers, some people find that the soles lack sufficient traction on smooth floors.


  • Extra-wide velcro flaps
  • Breathable and moisture reducing
  • Works with orthotics


  • Soles might be slippery

2. Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

The Pedwalker 3 presents a style that is more shoe than slipper. It retains the easy-on-and-off adjustable strap commonly found on extra wide shoes for swollen feet, but has a leather and nylon upper that looks sportier than a fabric slipper.

The combination of leather and nylon creates a stretchable shoe with a smooth-looking, leather upper. In addition to meeting the needs of people with diabetes and other health conditions that affect circulation, this style offers relief to people with injuries, bunions, and hammertoes.

The manufacturer has produced a dual insole system. You can take out one or both of the insoles to create extra space. This enables the insertion of an orthotic or simply gives you a greater range of size adjustments as foot swelling increases or decreases.

User reviews have been mixed regarding the durability and traction of these shoes. Some people find them slippery or say that they wore out quickly. Medicare offers reimbursement to diabetics who purchase these shoes.


  • Leather/nylon upper that looks sportier
  • Has double insoles for range of size adjustments
  • Stretchable for those with bunions and hammertoes


  • Sole of shoe may wear out too quickly

3. Dr. Scholl’s – Men’s Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker

This sneaker style shoe combines fashionable looks with comfort and two easy-to-adjust closure straps. Closures connect with Velcro surfaces, which means you won’t have to worry about tying laces.

Frequent air travelers like how they can remove them easily when going through security and then slip them back on.

Mesh material on the shoe tongue lets your foot breathe, and the faux leather upper creates a look that appears more like an athletic shoe instead of a therapeutic shoe. Gel insoles result in a pillow-like experience beneath your feet.

When you want a walking shoe with the potential to mitigate your foot pain and swelling, this product delivers good support, especially in the arches. It comes in a choice of black or white. They are an affordable option when you need extra wide shoes for swollen feet.


  • Fashionable look with an athletic shoe style
  • Gel insoles for extra comfort
  • Good arch support for walking


  • Quality of shoe may not be consistent

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Velcro Shoes for Women

4. Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker

The neoprene upper stretches with your foot as you walk to alleviate pressure on your tender feet. You’ll have your choice of regular width, wide, or extra-wide, which will help you get the best fit possible while still retaining therapeutic action on swollen feet.

Unlike most styles, this slipper-shoe opens across the heel as well as across the top. This feature will really eliminate any struggles with putting on shoes. After sliding them on your feet, you can form a snug fit with the closure straps.

Although marketed as a relaxation slipper, the sole possesses the durability to go outside as well. You can wear it to check the mail or stroll out on the patio. The breathable insole reduces foot moisture and heat next to the skin. Women seeking shoes for swollen diabetic feet can request Medicare reimbursement for this product.


  • Several width options for best fit
  • Opens at the heel and across the top
  • Breathable insole to reduce moisture


  • May not offer enough support

5. Silverts Disabled Elderly Needs Womens Indoor/Outdoor Sandals

When you need a shoe to accommodate swollen feet with a sturdy sole but the weather is hot, you can try these open-toe shoes. They have a padded upper so that they will feel soft against your feet while fresh air reaches your toes.

Two Velcro cross straps allow you to open the shoe up completely from the top and wrap the shoe around your foot. The straps are a bit shorter compared to other products and may not reach around extremely swollen feet.

Buyers report that the sizes run big, and you may need to buy a smaller size than normal. This product is a good choice when you want breathable shoes and a little more support than a basic slipper.


  • Open toe for warm weather
  • Padded upper for extra comfort
  • Easy-to-adjust velcro straps


  • Size may run large

6. New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Walking Shoe

Women can expect stability on various surfaces from this walking shoe that has a sure-footed rubber sole. You may need to experiment with sizes to get a good fit, but the maker offers it in narrow, regular width, and wide sizes. You get a choice of colors as well.

Velcro straps can be worked by people who no longer can manage laces. They are a tad short, however, and may not work for you if your feet are very swollen. The padded collar and tongue enhance comfort, and the cushioned insole is designed to absorb shocks.

Most people will find that they have enough room to add orthotics if those inserts become necessary. This could be an important feature if you have high arches because the insole is best suited to people with low to medium arches.

Overall, this product distinguishes itself among shoes for the elderly with a 100% leather upper and domestic manufacturing in the U.S.A. The shoes are relatively attractive and therefore capable of matching with stylish outfits when you’re planning an outing.


  • Range of sizes, widths, and colors
  • Room for orthotics
  • 100% leather upper for stylish look


  • Tongue of the shoe is large

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Soothe Your Foot Problems with New Shoes

Shoes play a crucial part in alleviating foot pain. The right combination of flexibility and support could complement your treatments for chronic health problems and enhance mobility.

Shoes that specifically address the foot pain associated with diabetes, vascular diseases, arthritis, and injuries can help you walk with more confidence and less discomfort.

As you search for new shoes or slippers, look for long Velcro straps if you have extremely swollen feet.

Also, pay close attention to reviews about the slipperiness of soles because stability is essential for your safety. A better pair of shoes is out there for you.

Heart disease reduces blood circulation, which leaves fluids to pool in the lower extremities. Read this post about the best velcro shoes for swollen feet.