13 Of The Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

Toenails get thicker as you age.

This thickening is due to the buildup of nail cells called onychocytes. 

In addition to trauma caused to the feet, this natural progression can cause toenail fungus issues and certain medical conditions.

It can make clipping toenails difficult and even painful.

Seniors need to find toenail clippers that are strong enough to cut through these nails while being gentle enough to neither split the nail nor cause cuts around the nail bed.

What to Look for in the Best Toenail Clippers for Seniors

The type of toenail clipper you purchase mostly depends on who will be using the clippers. If you have sore hands from arthritis, you will need toenail clippers with comfortable, easy to grasp handles. 

If your primary concern is the difficulty of clipping your nails, look for toenail clippers for thick nails that are sharp and built to last.

At a minimum, your toenail clippers should have:

  • High ratings
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sharp blades

13 Best Toenail Clippers for Seniors

We’ve curated this list of the best toenail clippers for seniors to ensure you are getting the toenail clipper that will work best for you.

Read through our list to find the right fit for your nails.

1. Healthy Seniors Complete Nail and Toenail Clipper Set

The Healthy Seniors full manicure kit has four pieces, an instruction guide, and a pouch for keeping the items in one place. 

It includes podiatrist-grade toenail clippers, rotating head clippers, wide jaw clippers, and a file. The set was specifically designed for thick nails. The clippers are sharp and have wide openings for even the toughest nails. 

Long handles are easier to hold than short handle clippers, and they are designed to be used by people who are either right- or left-handed.


Full kit has all the tools needed

Useful for right- and left-handed people

Low price


The long handles may not be long enough for some users

2. New Huing Podiatrist Toenail Clippers

These podiatrist-grade toenail clippers from New Huing are professional-style clippers that cut tough toenails. They are made from surgical-grade stainless steel and have ABS handles for a comfortable, firm grip. 

The blade is sharp and curved to reach ingrown toenails. An adjustable spring gives you versatility when clipping. The product comes with a one-year promise that the clippers will be replaced during the first year if any problems arise.


– Washable; will not rust

– Surgical grade steel

– One-year replacement promise


– The adjustable spring can be difficult to maneuver

3. EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Toenail Clipper

EZ Grip makes a low-price, 360-degree rotating clipper that swivels to whichever angle is needed for the right cut. 

These clippers have wide handles that are easy to grasp. At four inches long, they are also small enough to carry with you wherever you go. These clippers are made from stainless steel with an ergonomic plastic handle.


– Low-cost option

– Swivel head allows for any angle

– Small enough to fit in a pocket


– May not cut through extra-thick toenails

4. Clipperpro 2.0 Omega Select Nail Clipper

The Clipperpro 2.0 Omega Select Nail Clippers uses surgical-grade stainless steel and a zinc alloy for a long-lasting, time-tested product. Orthopedic surgeons designed these clippers to provide professional results. 

They have 3mm wide jaws to reach around thick toenails. The straight-edge blade lowers the likelihood of ingrown toenails. They also have a 180-degree adjustable swivel head. The ergonomic design makes holding the clippers easy on hands that may be sore from arthritis.


– Professional-style nail clippers designed by orthopedic surgeons

– Easy to hold

– Adjustable swivel head


– Pricier than most

5. Softale Adult Nail Clippers

These Softale Adult Nail Clippers are offered in a set with podiatrist-grade toenail clippers, big jaw toenail and fingernail clippers, anti-splash clippers with clipping storage, a file, and a toenail lifter. 

This all-in-one kit offers everything needed to clip ingrown toenails and keep even tough nails cut short. Materials are made from surgical-grade stainless steel. They are packed in a gift case that is easy to carry.


– Multiple products available in a convenient kit

– Low price point

– Product backed by refund/replacement warranty


– All-in-one kit doesn’t allow for mixing and matching

6. Scalebeard Long-Handled Toenail Clipper

The Scalebeard Long-Handled Toenail Clipper provides an extra-long handle for those with mobility problems. If it’s not easy to bend over to clip toenails, the long handle is ideal for ensuring toenails stay trimmed between visits to the podiatrist and pedicurist. 

The clipper is lightweight and easy to store. The handle is made for right- and left-handed people, so anyone should be able to use it.


– Long handle requires no crouching to clip nails

– Can be used by right- and left-handed people

– Clippers are detachable


– Can be awkward to use

7. Hawatour Nail Clipper Set

The Hawatour Nail Clipper Set offers a large toenail clipper and a small fingernail clipper at one low price. The clippers are ergonomically designed with easy-to-grip handles. 

Blades are sharp and made from high-quality stainless steel. They are provided with a storage box, which is ideal for keeping these nail clippers in one place.


– Cost-effective

– Light-weight and easy to carry

– Stainless steel construction


– Short handles may not work for everyone

8. Chexho Clippers for Thick Nails

The Chexho nail clipper kit is an all-in-one kit with everything you need for cutting thick toenails. The kit comes with podiatrist toenail clippers, wide jaw clippers, straight-edge, slanted nail clippers, two files, and nail lifters. 

You won’t need to visit the podiatrist’s office for ingrown toenails with this kit by your side. The kit includes a metal box for storage.


– Plentiful items for different toenail clipping needs

– Ingrown toenail solutions

– Attractive carrying case


– Metal is not podiatrist-grade stainless steel

9. Krisp Beauty Long-Handled Toenail Scissors

These long-handled toenail scissors are a great choice for anyone who prefers scissors to clippers. They have razor-sharp blades that can cut through thick toenails. They also work well with ingrown nails and hangnails. 

The non-slip handles allow for more precision when cutting nails. The scissors are made from surgical-grade stainless steel, making them easy to sterilize.


– Non-slip handles

– Surgical grade stainless steel

– 100 percent money-back guarantee


– May not cut through the thickest nails

10. Kohm Nail Clippers for Thick Nails

Kohm Nail Clippers for Thick Nails have wide jaws that can reach around thick nails. The extra sharp blades can be used to make the tiny cuts necessary to ensure nails don’t splinter when they’re cut. 

These nail clippers are highly durable with alloy coated stainless steel. The matte finish makes the clippers easy to hold and unlikely to slip.


– Lightweight and easy to carry

– Very sharp, which helps with ingrown nails and nails that are likely to chip

– High-quality materials


– Somewhat pricey

11. Wanmat Nail Clippers

Wanmat Toenail Clippers are stainless steel nail clippers with easy-grip handles and a curved blade. These clippers can be used on toenails and fingernails with equally excellent results. 

They have a curved edge made from high-quality stainless steel that is washable and rustproof. These clippers are offered with a lifetime warranty.


– Honeycomb handle makes it easy to hold

– Polymer coating allows for no slipping while cutting

– Lifetime replacement warranty


– Expensive

12. Swissklip Heavy-Duty Toenail Clippers

Swissklip heavy-duty toenail clippers are designed to cut through tough nails with little to no risk of injury. The clippers have non-slip handles that provide a comfortable grip. The blades open wide to reach around thick toenails. 

Surgical-grade stainless steel is easily sanitized and will never rust. This product comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


– Ergonomic handle

– Laser-cut blades offer precise trim

– Two-week money-back guarantee


– Can be pricey

13. Dr. Mode Rotating Nail Clippers

Dr. Mode nail clippers have a 360-degree rotating head that allows for clipping at any angle. The long handle helps those with slight mobility issues. 

This lightweight option travels well and fits comfortably in pockets and pocketbooks. The set comes with both a metal box and velvet storage bag. The blades open wide enough that you can even use them on pets.


– Rotating head makes clipping at an angle easy

– Transportable and great for travel

– Covered with an anti-rust coating


– Material is not surgical grade

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Common Questions on Toenail Clippers for Seniors

How do you clip older people’s toenails?

Nails that are both hard and brittle may splinter if they’re not cut correctly. The best method is to soak the nails first.

Use a warm water bath for about ten minutes. Though not necessary, adding Epsom salts to the foot bath lowers the chances of developing foot fungus and ingrown nails. 

After soaking, fully dry the nails and feet. Make small cuts with the nail clipper on nails that are still very tough, which will help with splintering. Cut the nail straight.

What is the best clipper for thick toenails?

The best options for thick toenails are clippers similar to those used by podiatrists. Podiatry-grade toenail clippers need to be sharp, made from heavy steel, have a wide opening, and offer a curved top blade. 

Ergonomic handles are also important because those with thick toenails will spend longer holding the clippers than they may expect.

What are the best toenail cutters?

Is there a difference between toenail clippers and toenail cutters? Yes and no. People may use the terms interchangeably, but that doesn’t mean it is fully accurate. 

Toenail cutters typically refer to scissors that are gentler on nails and don’t use as much pressure as clippers. You can also use toenail cutters on hangnails. 

Also called manicure scissors, these are usually better for thin nails. Like toenail clippers, the best ones stay sharp, have comfortable handles, and are made from stainless steel.

What nail clippers do podiatrists use?

Any given podiatrist may have their own idea about the best toenail clippers. You could go to a dozen podiatrist offices and see a dozen different tools. What these tools all have in common is surgical-grade stainless steel. 

They will have solid grips and will be very sharp. They usually have at least a one-inch opening to allow for very thick nails.

Shopping for the best toenail clippers for seniors requires a little more care than just running to the store and picking up the first items you see. Take the time to find the right ones for painless nail trimming and healthy feet.  

As people age, toenails have to be taken extra care of. In this post, find out the best toenail clippers for seniors available in the market.

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