11 Of The Best Grocery Shopping Carts For Seniors

As we get older, we require additional assistance when completing everyday chores and tasks. 

If you are a senior living in a busy city or looking for a way to maintain your independence while grocery shopping, you can do so with senior shopping carts designed with you mind. 

Some of the best shopping carts for seniors on the market include seated carts, carts that can be folded, and extremely lightweight shopping carts. 

Finding the most useful senior cart for you will significantly depend on your needs, the mobility limitations you have, and the amount of storage you require.

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What to Look for in a Shopping Cart for Seniors

While the task may seem simple enough, finding the best shopping cart can be a bit more complex than purchasing the first one you come across.

When shopping for a senior citizen, there are a few factors to consider before choosing a cart that works for mobility and grocery shopping, such as:

  • Material: Consider the type of material the shopping cart you are interested in is made of, as it will play a role in the cart’s weight and flexibility. While stainless steel and metal materials are stronger and more sturdy, they can also limit individuals from folding and transporting the cart.
  • Wheel design: Find a shopping cart that includes double swivel wheels if your senior citizen requires maneuverability and flexibility while the cart is in use.
  • Handle design: If senior citizens intend to use their shopping cart regularly, they may need a comfortable handle that they can adjust to their preferred height. 
  • Weight: Keep the actual weight of the shopping cart in mind to determine if the one using it can handle and transport the cart on their own.
  • Flexibility: If the senior is short on storage space, seek out a cart that is foldable, flexible, and can be easily transported from one location to the next. 
  • Pricing: While it may not be the top priority for some, the price of the shopping cart may matter, especially for those on limited incomes. 

11 Best Grocery Carts for Seniors

Whether you are a senior citizen in need of a shopping cart for long walks and distances or searching for a shopping cart with a seat for support, there are plenty of options on the market.

From standard foldable shopping carts to shopping carts with extended seats, there are senior carts for just about everyone. 

Best Foldable Grocery Carts for Seniors

1. Uniware 36 Inch Foldable Wheeled Shopping Grocery Trolley Cart with Drawstring Bag

If you are shopping for a senior shopping cart but are searching for one that is lightweight and foldable, this Uniware cart is one you should take advantage of.

This foldable shopping cart is made of a polyester drawstring bag suitable for everything from groceries and personal belongings to laundry. The shopping cart weighs only 4.5 lbs, making this model one of the most lightweight options for senior citizens.


  • Extremely lightweight (4.5 lbs in total)
  • Foldable, perfect for those with limited storage
  • 2x EVA wheels included with the trolley
  • Includes a long handle with a non-slip grip


  • Not extremely durable or likely to last years, or even decades, due to the material used

2. Trolley Dolly, Moroccan Tile Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

The Trolley Dolly Moroccan Tile Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart is extremely lightweight, portable, and collapsable within seconds. Easily transport your Trolley Dolly or store it away, making it an ideal pick for seniors living in apartments or limited storage space.

This make also includes an ergonomic cushioned handle, relieving stress and added pressure while the cart is in use.


  • Includes seven additional compartments for storing beverages and personal belongings.
  • Carries up to a total of 110 lbs when full.
  • Works well as a utility, grocery, or shopping cart.
  • Little to no assembly is required.


  • Assembly may be tricky for those unfamiliar with putting shopping carts together.
  • Not as sturdy as some alternative models on the market.

3. SURPCOS Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart Portable Grocery Stair Climbing Cart with Tri-Wheels, Swivel Handle, Wheel Bearings & Removable Basket 

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty senior shopping cart for yourself or a loved one, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the SURPCOS upgraded folding shopping cart with stair-climbing capabilities.

This shopping cart is made from reinforced heavy-duty materials, allowing the ability to transport or store up to 220 lbs of goods. 


  • Includes stair-climbing capabilities
  • Heavy-duty material for long-lasting results


  • May be heavier than a lightweight foldable cart, which can be difficult for seniors with mobility issues or for those who struggle with lifting items. 

Cost: $ 64.09

4. Joovy Boot Lightweight Shopping Cart, Holds 70 lbs, with Swivel Wheels, Reusable Shopping Bag, Compact Standing Fold, Black Frame

This lightweight Joovy shopping cart holds up to 50 lbs, includes a parking brake, and even includes an additional mesh basket for more storage capacity.

Swivel wheels, replacement bags, organizers, and rain covers are also available as accessories. 


  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Large expansive shopping basket for groceries, laundry, and even pets 
  • Works well with stairs 


  • Pricier than alternative senior shopping carts

Best Shopping Cart With Seat for Seniors

5. VOUNOT Foldable Shopping Trolley with Seat, 3 Wheels Stair Climbing Grocery Cart, Waterproof

If you are looking for a waterproof, stair-climbing senior cart with a built-in seat, consider the VOUNOT foldable shopping trolley.

The entire cart weighs 7.72 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight for a shopping cart with a built-in seat.


  • Includes a built-in seat
  • Made of durable and lightweight metal and polyester 


  • The trolley’s seat may not be as comfortable and may require a cushion 
  • Current weight limit is approximately 200 lbs. 

Cost: $ 97.86

6. dbest products Trolley Dolly with Seat, Black Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart Tailgate

One of Amazon’s Picks is the dbest products Trolley Dolly which includes a foldable seat.  This cart is ideal for tailgate gatherings but can also carry various items, groceries, and personal belongings for senior citizens.

The trolley itself includes seven storage compartments, is collapsable, and is portable and lightweight.


  • Multi-functional usage as a utility, grocery, or storage cart.
  • Can support up to 250 lbs. 


  • Wheels may require attention or replacement sooner than other shopping carts.

7. Heavy Duty Shopping Cart with Seat, 4 Wheels, Medical Walking Aids Foldable, Drive Rollator Walker Lightweight Quality Aluminum Alloy Frame

If you are a senior with mobility issues, this heavy-duty shopping cart with a built-in seat may be just right for you.

This cart includes a compact, foldable design, built-in storage options, and a dual braking system. 


  • Can bear up to 290 lbs of weight 
  • Lightweight material with a serious load-bearing capacity


  • Larger and bulkier than lightweight alternatives
  • Requires more room for storage 

8. 2 in 1 Rollator Walker, Shopping Basket Cart Adjustable Height Rollator Easy to Fold with Comfort Seat Large Capacity Shopping Basket Walker for Seniors Adults Trolley Exercise Travelling

This 2-in-1 Rollator Walker with a built-in seat and shopping basket is highly recommended for seniors who have difficulties walking or remaining mobile.

This walker includes a large shopping basket for groceries and home storage while also providing a 14-lb aluminum frame walker for added support. 


  • Height-adjustable walker 34.5″-37.5″ for complete customization 
  • Has the ability to support up to 330 lbs of weight. 


  • Larger than alternative lightweight foldable carts

Best Small Shopping Cart for Seniors

9. VersaCart Transit -The Original Patented Folding Shopping and Utility Cart, Water-Resistant Heavy-Duty Canvas with Cover, Double Front Swivel Wheels

For a sturdy and rugged steel frame, the VersaCart Transit shopping cart delivers. This shopping cart is designed for privacy and easy transport and is perfect for seniors who need a simple, no-frills shopping cart. 


  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Water-resistant 
  • Double front swivel wheels 
  • No assembly tools or complicated setup required


  • Can only support up to 120 pounds 
  • No seat or adjustable handles 

10. MAC SPORTS WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon, Solid Blue

If you are a senior searching for a shopping or utility cart with a unique design, consider the MAC Sports WTC-111 outdoor utility wagon. This wagon requires no assembly and can easily carry up to 150 lbs.

For seniors looking to pull their shopping or utility cart, the Mac Sports utility wagon may be just what you need.


  • Smaller than the average grocery cart. Shaped like a smaller wagon but designed for durable storage.
  • Includes a functional adjustable handle for seniors of different heights.
  • Includes two mesh cup holders.
  • Made with a heavy-duty frame.
  • The wagon can be folded to only 8″ thick for storage.


  • Does not include mesh storage bags or additional storage compartments as other shopping carts for seniors. 

11. Glad Foldable Rolling Pull Cart with Telescopic Handle | Heavy Duty Folding Plastic Box with Wheels | Portable Carrier for On The Go | Collapsible Storage Crate

If you are on a strict budget or looking for a no-frills storage crate that can be mobile at any time, the Glad foldable rolling pull cart is one option.

While limited in its features, this folding cart can be folded down to just 3″ thick, making it an ideal investment for senior citizens who have limited space. 


  • Budget-friendly for those with a limited or restricted income
  • No-frills crate for storage or transportation 


  • No additional compartments or padded materials to protect your goods and belongings. 

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best senior shopping carts can feel manageable and simple, especially once you are familiar with the common features the carts include.

The best shopping cart for seniors will allow senior citizens the mobility and independence they crave while still tending to everyday shopping tasks. 

Getting groceries as a senior might be hard when it comes to carrying your shopped items. With that, here are grocery carts for seniors you can check.

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