52 Of The Best Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

What do you get for a woman who’s retiring?

Would she get a laugh out of the silly gag gift your neighbor gave you? Or would she rather get a gift basket with wine and chocolate?

The quick answer? Yes to the second thing. Always.

But if you’d rather get something a little more personal, this post has a variety of winning female retirement gifts to consider — along with a brief heads-up about what not to give.

After all, you’re here because you’re looking for the best retirement gift ideas for women.

Let’s get the heads-up out of the way first, so we can dive into the good stuff.

What Not to Get for a Retirement Gift

Probably the worst ideas for retirement gifts for women are “time” gifts:

  • the gold watch
  • the retro kitchen timer
  • the antique-looking clock for the mantelpiece

Basically avoid anything that reminds the gift recipient that she’s running out of time.

So, no pill minders. And ix-nay on the pocket planners.

The print in those things is too small — and adding reading glasses doesn’t make it better. You will lose a friend.

You also don’t want to get her something that says, “Gee, now that you’re old enough to retire, you probably like ‘old people stuff.'” And best not to give the impression you expect your next get-together to be her funeral.

She still has plenty of life left, and she probably has interests worth supporting.

Think of how she likes to spend her time when she gets the chance.

Think of what she’s expressed an interest in doing when work no longer dominates her weekdays.

How does she like to express herself?
What kinds of ideas excite her the most?
What is she most proud of about the life she’s lived so far?


The following gift ideas explore these questions and more to get you thinking (and browsing).

While you’re at it, ask yourself what kind of gift you’d like to receive when you retire.

Best Retirements Gift Ideas for Women

The best retirement gifts are those that honor the recipient and show that you’ve been paying attention to their likes and dislikes, their aspirations, and their plans for retirement.

Gag gifts can be fun, as long as the one you’re giving them to is in on the joke. Otherwise, those gifts will probably end up in a white elephant gift exchange or a donation box.

If you’re not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with one of the following:

  • Kindle or other e-reader (if they don’t already have one)
  • Gift card to a favorite store (for books, crafts, camping supplies, etc.)
  • “Fun with the grandkids” gift basket/box (with games, baking kits, etc.)
  • Digital photo album with family pictures on a memory card
  • Gift card to a local spa or salon for beauty treatments/massage
  • Fiction or nonfiction books with special significance for the receiver

If none of the above interest you, read on for a generous supply of unique retirement gift ideas.

The more you know about the woman retiring, the easier it should be to find something she’d enjoy.

And even if you don’t see her outside work or more often than once a year, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts you could give to celebrate this occasion with her.

So, even if none of the specific items linked to in this post make you think, “That’s it!” I hope the general ideas behind them get your mind working on a gift concept she’ll love.

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Unique Retirement Gifts for Her

Busy working women don’t have much time for creative pursuits. But during retirement they will have plenty of time for artistic endeavors.

If she enjoys arts and crafts, consider a gift of a calligraphy set or an adult coloring book set.

For those who want to take on a serious project, painting (even painting by numbers) is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

For someone who wears jewelry, a tasteful bracelet or necklace makes a thoughtful gift. A jewelry box gives her a place to keep her favorite pieces safe and organized.

If the retiree in question is planning to travel, why not buy her a practical gift like a passport holder or a toiletry bag? And whether or not you know where she’s headed, a general purpose travel book can help her make the most of her time away from home.

Then again, if she’s looking forward to some quality time at home with good food and wine, she might appreciate a unique wine glass or a cheese and charcuterie board.

If she enjoys sharing food with family, she might get some use out of a wine-carrying cooler or an insulated hot/cold casserole carrier.

You could also surprise her with a handmade scarf wrapped around a gift card to her favorite clothing store, so she can shop for some stylish new clothes.

Funny Retirement Gifts for Women

For female retirees who love funny gifts, you’ll want to nail down the kind of humor they like before putting any money down. If she likes puns and plants, give her this retirement plant pot.

Or if she doesn’t already have enough mugs to open a shop of her own, check out this funny retirement mug.

If travel containers for cold drinks are more her thing, check out this sassy travel tumbler.

senior woman happy retirement gifts for women

A better night’s sleep is likely something she’s looking forward to, so create a bedtime gift basket with a sense of humor — complete with a funny sleep mask, a pillow, and slippers.

Since she’ll be dressing more casually, a humorous t-shirt might be just the right gift.

Funny books are also an option for the retiree who loves to read and enjoys a good laugh. It’s best to know her humor before going this route, though.

In some cases, it’s best to save the humor for the card that goes with the gift.

Retirement Gifts for Mom

If the retiree in question is your mom, and you’re already thinking, “But she already has everything,” think again. There are still plenty of fun options for you to celebrate this transition with her.

Try a Fandango gift card and take her out to see the movie of her choice. Or give her a gift card to one of her favorite restaurants — whether that’s the Cheesecake Factory or someplace else.

You could also buy her something for the home — like this set of windchimes or these garden ornaments.

If she’s a journaler, why not celebrate the occasion with a new, handcrafted journal?

If you’d like to see her spend more time on self-care, buy her a spa gift set, a cozy blanket for reading at home.

And if she’s looking for ways to spend her time, get her a book with retirement ideas.

For a grandmother, consider an appropriately-themed gift basket with items like this tumbler, a bottle (or two) of wine, and treats she wouldn’t ordinarily buy for herself — like this gourmet snack food tin or this box of Godiva chocolates.

If she’s also a dog or cat lover, consider giving her a gift card to her favorite local pet supply shop (along with a gift card to her favorite coffee/tea shop). Since she’ll be spending more time around her pets, she’ll appreciate your thinking of them, too..

Final thoughts

Did you find some good retirement gift ideas?

With all these retirement gift ideas, I hope buying this gift for the retiree in your life just got a lot easier. Maybe yours will be a mix of humor and thoughtfulness.

Or maybe it’ll be all business with a dash of wistfulness, because you don’t know how often you’ll get to see her anymore.

Whatever you choose, I hope you pick up a little something for yourself, too — even if you just treat yourself to a coffee or tea.

Chances are, this transition will affect you, too. And you’re allowed to feel it.

But for now, focus on the celebration. Celebrate what she’s accomplished with her work and the plans she has for her retirement (even if she doesn’t call it that).

May your gift be a blessing to you both.

What do you get for a woman who's retiring?  Would she get a laugh out of the silly gag gift your neighbor gave you? Or would she rather get a gift basket with wine and chocolate?  The quick answer? Yes to the second thing. Always.

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