Review Of The 10 Best Recumbent Bikes For Seniors

As a senior, your aches and pains might get in the way of your desire for an active lifestyle.

Fortunately, exercise bikes offer a safe way for you to stay in shape.

The best stationary bike for seniors is the recumbent exercise bike.

Its design provides plenty of back support and limits strain on the knees and hips.

You’ll naturally appreciate these features that give you the means to maintain muscle mass and get a cardio workout without aggravating your existing physical issues.

In fact, regular exercise could ease arthritis pain, control your weight, and support your immune system.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 Marcy Recumbent Exercise
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Bike
Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series Schwinn Recumbent Bike
Merax Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with Bluetooth Merax Recumbent Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Sunny Health Seniors Bike
JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults SeniorsJeekee Recumbent Seniors Bike
Circuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise BikeCircuit Fitness Bike
Vanswe Recumbent ExerciseVanswe Recumbent Bike
BARWING 16-8-2-3 Stationary Spin Exercise Bike for Home BARWING Bike for Home
3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike, Recumbent3G Cardio Elite Bike

How to Choose The Right Recumbent Bike For Seniors

When you’re comparing recumbent exercise bikes, you’ll want to think about your specific physical needs. If it’s been quite a while since you exercised, then you’ll want a bike that lets you increase the workout intensity slowly.

You should also consider if you’ll be the only one using the bike. If you’re sharing it with a spouse, roommate, or relative, then you should look for a model that adjusts its seat position easily.


Seniors need to avoid accidents, which means you need a sturdy recumbent bike. An inexpensive and lightweight model could be easy to tip over.

Whether you’re placing the bike on a hard floor or carpet could influence stability as well. A bike might shift when you’re trying to mount it and thereby cause injury.

A heavier model with a broad base has a low center of gravity and would be much more stable. Durable models will have steel frames, which are naturally strong and heavy.

Easy On and Off

The best recumbent bike designs limit obstructions between the seat and pedals.

They have a low frame that reduces the chance that you might catch your feet on something when getting on and off.

Some manufacturers refer to this as a step-through design. You should also consider the height of the seat. If it’s too low, then getting out of it could strain your knees.

Size and Portability

If you’ve downsized to a small home or apartment, space might be an issue for you.

Check product dimensions before you make a purchase to make sure that you have room for the bike.

When space is really tight, you might prefer a foldable bike that requires less room for storage.

Large Display Screen

No one past middle age wants small font sizes, especially on a digital display screen.

A large screen that presents information in large fonts will spare you from squinting or leaning forward while you monitor your progress with the workout.

A backlit screen may seem like a small detail, but not all exercise bikes have backlighting on their displays. Without backlighting, the screen can be hard for most people to see unless you are in a bright room.

Multiple Resistance Settings

Older adults need to start slow, and you need to avoid overexerting yourself, especially in the beginning.

A bike with many resistance settings will let you fine-tune your workout and increase the difficulty in small steps when you’re ready.

You’ll find that most models offer 8 resistance settings. This is generally adequate for most users, but if you anticipate needing to increase resistance very gradually, then you might want a model with more settings.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your heart rate while working out will ensure that you stay at an intensity level safe for you. Discussing an appropriate heart rate with your doctor would be a good idea when starting out.

Sensors that track your heart rate are fairly common among recumbent bikes.

However, as you study reviews for stationary exercise bikes, you’ll discover that people don’t put much faith in heart rate measuring devices on these machines.

They are not medical-grade devices, and you might want to keep track of your heart function with a fitness tracker that is built for that purpose.

Media Support

Some bikes have Bluetooth capability that lets you connect to fitness apps that help you measure your workout. Higher-end models could include speakers and device connectivity so that you can listen to music or other programming.

If you struggle with boredom when exercising, you might want an exercise bike that makes it easy to add entertainment to your workout.

On the other hand, this feature falls into the “nice to have” category. If you already have a smartphone or can position the bike by a television, then paying extra for a bike with media connectivity might be redundant.

10 of The Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors

1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Thousands of buyers have already reported great satisfaction with the Marcy bike. A frame of strong 14-gauge steel tubing has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The simple design offers easy step-through access to the seat, and the seat handles make it possible to stay stable and comfortable while pedaling.

A magnetic system creates 8 resistance levels that you can adjust with a knob. An LCD screen displays an odometer along with time, speed, and calories burned.

Numbers are presented in a large font too. The recumbent bike’s relatively light weight and rollers make it easier to move than some other models.

The ergonomic seat design allows your legs to move easily, and thick padding on the saddle and back ensures your comfort.

Multiple seat adjustments enable this Marcy model to fit short and tall people, even those over 6 feet.

You have the ability to adjust the foot straps as well. This feature helps you to get the best fit and keep your feet comfortably supported while they work the pedals.


  • Affordable
  • Quiet mechanical operation
  • Durable construction
  • Fits in small spaces


  • LCD screen is dim and hard to read

2. EXERPEUTIC 300SR Heavy Duty Recumbent Bike

The semi-recumbent design of the Exerpeutic means that it has a higher seat. This could make use easier for seniors who have trouble getting in and out of chairs.

As a foldable bike, it requires less storage space and would be easier to transport, especially for people who move between summer and winter homes.

The bike is engineered to support people up to 300 pounds safely, and the magnetic tension system grants you 8 different resistance settings.

Generous padding on the seat back and saddle promote comfort, and the adjustable seat fits heights from 5 feet 2 inches up to 6 feet 2 inches.

Smooth operation results from a V-belt, double-drive transmission and a precisely balanced flywheel. A 3.3 inch by 1.5 inch LCD display informs you of your distance, calories burned, speed, elapsed time, and your pulse as well. The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Fits small spaces
  • Easier to transport
  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Resistance adjusts to all fitness levels


  • Poor customer service if you have problems

3. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

The Schwinn brand is synonymous with bikes, and the classic bicycle manufacturer delivers high performance in the realm of recumbent exercise bikes.

You really get the bells and whistles from this model that has 29 exercise programs, 25 resistance levels, and built-in speakers. An MP3 input port puts you in control of the content that you listen to while exercising. The bike even includes an adjustable fan.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to sync the machine with the Schwinn Trainer App or the RideSocial App. The bike plugs into a wall outlet, which eliminates the annoyance of batteries running out of power.

A large, backlit LCD screen is easy to see and displays your heart rate. The bike has a cup holder too. This product is quite heavy at 93 pounds, which reduces its mobility but greatly increases its stability.


  • Smooth operation
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Strong construction
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • 29 exercise programs


  • Unreliable heart rate monitor

4. Merax Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with Bluetooth

If you’re a big person, this recumbent bike has a weight capacity of 380 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on the frame. Seat adjusts for people with heights ranging from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches.

The machine gives you 8 levels of resistance, and the magnetic tension system keeps operation quiet.

Merax made your comfort a priority with a well-padded saddle and seatback. As a comparatively lightweight bike, it is easy to move, especially because of the built-in rollers.

Sensors on the seat handles measure your pulse as you ride. The LCD screen uses a large font so you can easily see the time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.

The system has Bluetooth connectivity that works with a free phone app so you can track your progress toward fitness goals.


  • Affordable
  • Higher than average weight capacity
  • Seat adjusts easily
  • Quiet operation


  • Seat prone to wobbling

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent bike from Sunny offers you a way to get a very thorough workout because it includes handlebars that you move while pedaling. The result is a very low-impact workout for your whole body.

However, you can choose to only workout legs or arms. You don’t have to do both. Despite the addition of handlebars, the bike maintains an elegant step-through design without obstructions.

Like many other exercise bike models, it has 8 different resistance settings that you change with knob control. The machine includes a heart rate monitor, and the display also shows your speed and time.

A large seat gives proper support to your hips while the angled back helps you stay in the correct posture for a safe workout. Sunny stands out somewhat with its patented approach to adjusting the seat.

Many other bikes require lifting a knob and sliding a bar, but this bike has an adjustment lever. You don’t have to get up to shift the seat to a different position.

The sturdy frame supports people up to 350 pounds. Small wheels on the base are helpful when you need to move the recumbent bike. This model also includes a device holder for a tablet.


  • Many great features for the price
  • Smooth operation
  • Adjusts to fit short and tall people
  • A gentle but thorough workout


  • Complicated to assemble

6. JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors

The JEEKEE is adjustable to support up to 300lbs weight and adult heights from 4’9″ to 6’5″. It is suitable for a large variety of people.

The large seat and backrest make it easier and more comfortable to sit in. It’s easy for anyone to start exercising. Plus, the flywheel has a dual-belt mechanism with magnets that produces only 20dB of sound, making it ergonomic all-around with silent operation.

The handles are on either side of the seat, allowing you to stay in a reclining position. It is easier to bike with the legs somewhat extended this way.

The workout options and LCD monitor features are what you would expect from any exercise bike. Eight resistance levels plus a heart rate monitor and fitness data track your progress and offer you more challenging workouts.

An iPad holder lets you pass the time with gaming or tv. Anyone can fit in recumbent biking while doing a sitting activity.


  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic, quiet design
  • Workout options
  • LCD monitor features
  • iPad holder


  • Requires assembly

7. Circuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

The construction of the Circuit Fitness recumbent bike is durable and ergonomic, with a step-through design and secure pedals and handles. It allows you to grip and sit securely without sliding. The steel frame accommodates up to 300lbs while the wheels move without making noise.

The handles are on either side of the LCD monitor on this bike. While biking upright, you’ll benefit from a lower seat and more of a lower-body workout.

If you want a variety of workouts, 15 types are available. You can customize your biking to imitate being on different terrains for a challenging exercise.

There’s also an LCD monitor with your fitness data. You can input your height and weight for a personalized experience reflecting accurate details such as heart rate and calories burned.

An adjustable seat can move forward or backward while slightly rising up. It allows you to adjust according to your leg length for those final minor adjustments when sitting.


  • Durable, ergonomic construction
  • Step-through design
  • Noiseless
  • LCD monitor and 15 workouts
  • Adjustable seat


  • Poor manufacturer support

8. Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike for Adults Seniors

Unlike many other bikes, the Vanswe recumbent bike is fully adjustable. Rather than having a fixed seat, it has an infinite slider to accommodate different heights and leg lengths, with height recommendations from 5’2″ to 6’1″ and inseam height recommendations from 2″ to 35″.

The handles come up from under the monitor. You’ll be able to bike from a lower position with proper posture.

Sixteen resistance levels from magnetic tension control easily transition from one level to the next. You’ll find it easy to push yourself to a new challenge. The 2021 upgrade on the mechanical design makes it quieter and smoother to ride.

A 2021 upgrade on the monitor converted it from LCD to LED to make it bright, clear, and easy to read. It tracks your fitness data such as heart rate, distance traveled, time spent, and calories burned.

Bluetooth Smart Technology is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It’s also compatible with tablets, so you can watch movies while biking. A free fitness data app tracks your workouts.

There is a 3-year manufacturer warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts.


  • Fully adjustable
  • 16 resistance levels
  • LED monitor upgrade with fitness data and free tracking app
  • Blue Smart Technology
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Must use the free app for input and fitness tracking

9. BARWING 16-8-2-3 Stationary Spin Exercise Bike for Home

Many other recumbent bikes take up more space than upright bikes, but the Barwing does not. It’s also easier to install and is foldable for portability, unlike spinning bikes. And it still supports up to 300lbs.

The Barwing model is so different from other recumbent bikes because it gives you a 4 in 1 workout. Arm and leg resistance bands exercise both your upper and lower body in a reclined or upright posture, with 16 gear adjustments.

An LCD monitor tracks your fitness data. A phone holder lets you conveniently look at your phone to make your workout go by faster.

This bike is quiet and easy to assemble in less than an hour. It’s also fully foldable and comes with transport wheels for easy moving and storage.

There’s a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Customer service answers by phone within 12 hours.


  • Fully foldable
  • 4 in 1 workout
  • LCD monitor and phone holder
  • Quiet and easy to assemble
  • 1-year warranty


  • Must raise height to fold properly

10. 3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike, Recumbent

Recumbent bikes tend to take up more space than upright ones. However, the 3G recumbent bike is compact and supports up to 350lbs of weight. It can fit through a standard doorway and move with built-in wheels.

An over-sized seat is comfortable, while an adjustable Airflow Mesh Flex backrest stops annoying sweat.

You get fitness data with handheld heart rate sensors or a wireless heart rate strap with the option of preset calorie, time, and distance goals. Sixteen levels of magnetic resistance plus 12 pre-programmed and three heart rate workouts allow you to challenge yourself in every session.

A cup holder is handy for your water bottle while you work out.

There is a full lifetime warranty on the frame, 7-year warranty for parts, and 1-year warranty for in-home labor. Customer service is excellent.


  • Compact size
  • Comfortable seat and mesh backrest
  • Cupholder
  • Several workout challenges with fitness data and preset goals
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame


  • No entry for resting heart rate

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Why Recumbent Bikes Are Good for Older People

Older people get many benefits from using recumbent bikes as opposed to upright bikes. The exercise bike lets people exercise in spite of physical problems or conditions, like arthritis. 

Although both types of bikes provide low-impact cardio exercise and burn similar amounts of calories, the reclined seat in the recumbent bike makes all the difference. 

Although some recumbent bikes have handles near the monitor, they still allow you to get a bike workout with less strain, only from an upright position.

  • Lower center of gravity
  • Less use of core muscles
  • Less strain on thighs, calves, and glutes
  • Easier on the back
  • Easier on the knees
  • Gentler on joints

Are Recumbent Bikes Worth It?

There are several practical and other reasons why recumbent bikes are worth it. They’re easy for anyone to use at any age to recover from injury, increase mobility, and easily exercise the body. Some benefits are:

  • Good for beginners
  • Safer
  • Affordable
  • Easy to listen to music or watch tv
  • Adjustable
  • Workout resistance levels

Although recumbent bikes are generally more expensive than upright bikes, many affordable models are on the market. 

Some people might not think recumbent bikes are worth it compared to the cost of upright bikes and individual models have their own drawbacks. 

Features such as pre-program workouts, full adjustability, a padded seat, or a step-through design are not present in all recumbent bikes. Some are foldable, and others require assembly. Some people may prefer more of a core muscle workout. In short, the drawbacks include

  • The more expensive cost
  • Missing features of comfort and convenience depending on the model
  • Lack of a core workout

Here’s our choice for the best recumbent bike for seniors.

Our bodies work best when we keep moving. Recumbent exercise bikes have proven themselves to be an excellent method for seniors to remain active.

As you shop, you’ll see many bikes at low price points. Although they may remain serviceable in the near-term, we recommend that you invest in the Schwinn recumbent bike.

This is a very solid machine that you’ll never have to worry about wobbling, and its many resistance settings will allow you to bump up your workout in very small and safe increments.

On the whole, the Schwinn model represents the best exercise bike for the elderly in our opinion.

Of course, you’ll need to reflect on your personal fitness needs when picking out a bike, but what’s most important is that you incorporate consistent exercise into your lifestyle.

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