15 Luxury Retirement Gifts For The Discerning Man In Your Life

Is a man in your life about to retire?

A husband, father, or brother?

Or perhaps a dear friend is saying sayonara to his working life.

Whichever the case, you need men’s retirement gift ideas for discerning men.

To help out, we’ve curated this list of ideas, and each possibility has options for “introductory” and “high-end” luxury budgets. 

Hold on to your wallet and get ready to bookmark a few possibilities!

Let’s SHOP!

What Do You Get a Discerning Man for a Retirement Gift?

What are the best retirement gifts for men? 

Shopping for a “fancy man” is fun because the market is flooded with gadgets, trips, and products for people who enjoy a little luxury.

But before slapping down the credit card, consider a few factors.

  1. Interests: It’s common sense: Consider the receiver’s interests when shopping for a luxury men’s gift. If they hate golfing, don’t get a set of clubs.
  2. Limitations: Does your giftee have any physical or mental limitations? Be thoughtful about whether the present you’re considering will render itself useless in short order due to health circumstances.  
  3. Personality: Is the man you’re planning to celebrate fun, outgoing, and relaxed, or stoic, introverted, and intense? Match the gift to their personality.  
  4. The Partner Factor: Before you lay out a significant amount of money, check with the giftee’s partner. Remember: they’re the ones who will be living with your retiree — day in and out, hour by hour. 

15 Luxury Retirement Gifts for Him 

What is a good retirement gift for a man? A lot depends on the guy. 

Getting an expensive fishing pole for a football fan who gets seasick at water parks probably isn’t a great idea.   

Before We Begin: Caveats and Explanations

Before the main show, let’s discuss three points regarding our gift-curating methodology.

  1. We included two options for each category. The first is an “introduction to luxury” item for those new to nicer things. The second is for folks ready to splash out and spend big.
  2. How are we defining luxury? Our list focuses on products and experiences that sit a notch above average. That, or it’s something with a storied history. 
  3. We understand there will always be more expensive options. Someone would craft a $4 million toenail clipper if that’s what your heart desired (see: Harry Winston). Instead, we’re focusing on “attainable luxury.” 

So, are you ready to get started!? Let’s go.

#1: Excellent Luggage

Does your retiree plan to travel? If so, excellent luggage may be the perfect gift.

But what counts as a luxury suitcase nowadays? When asked, most folks would name a fashion line, like Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

And yes, those houses have luggage collections. But are those brands what the genuinely wealthy carry? 

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Introductory Luxury: Samsonite

Samsonite’s Black Label suitcase is made of the company’s proprietary “Curv” material. It’s extremely strong, incredibly light, and comes in a cornucopia of colors. 

Samsonite has been in the luggage game since 1910 and has never stopped innovating. The brand now makes quality luggage for middle-class folks on up the ladder, and their pieces last for years.

High-End Luxury: RIMOWA

What do the uber-wealthy reach for when jet-setting? RIMOWA.

One of the most expensive options on the market, the German luggage brand has been around since 1898. Known for  its sophisticated, old-timey aesthetic, it’s an excellent option for a cosmopolitan man with superb taste. 

What Makes Luggage a Luxury Item?: Good luggage is both utilitarian and luxurious. Our options fall on the fancier side of the scale because they’re high-quality and classically styled.

#2: Top-Shelf Stationary Bikes

At-home workout equipment is much better than schlepping to the gym. Let the trainer come to you!

Introductory Luxury: Echelon

Echelon’s Smart Connect stationary bike has similar bells and whistles to the more expensive options — but at half the price. While biking, users can join live classes or pop on their favorite guilty pleasure show (#90-DayFiance).

And while the price tag is a tad steep, it’s more reasonable than other higher-end models.

High-End Luxury: Expresso Bikes 

We’d wager that Gwyneth Paltrow has at least one Expresso Bike in her many homes. Marketed as the “gold standard” of “indoor cycling,” Expresso Bikes don’t put prices on its website. One must contact them personally, darling.

What Makes Top-Shelf Stationary Bikes a Luxury Item?: Stationary bikes may not be the first thing that pops into your head when luxury comes to mind. But in our book, never having to share workout equipment with sweaty strangers is a luxury.

#3: Gym Equipment (Beyond Bikes)

We’ve looked at stationary bikes. Now, let’s examine two more home-gym items.

Introductory Luxury: ALTAS M810 Smith Machine

This all-in-one home gym includes an Olympic free-weight rack. It also features a Multi-functional press arm and a Dual-action leg developer.

High-End Luxury: SMSOM Rowing Machine

Good luck breaking this magnetic rower. The SMSOM rowing machine is sturdy as snot and specially designed to support good posture.

It’s quieter than the average model and sports a silky smooth sliding mechanism.  

What Makes Gym Equipment a Luxury Item?: Again, in-home gyms save a lot of hassle, and sometimes, not having to share is a luxury.

#4: Whiskey and Scotch Gifts

Ninety-eight percent of discerning men like whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or a combination thereof. (And even if they don’t, they pretend they do.) If that sums up your guy, one of these luxury alcohol ideas may work. 

Introductory Luxury: Decanter Set

A whisky decanter set is perfect for entertainers, and breaking out a nice bottle is appropriate for Sunday afternoon football games and catered Saturday night dinner parties.

Macallan is a top-shelf whisky you can purchase outside of the auction world. Bottles aged 25 to 30 years will run you between $1,200 and $1,800.

High-End Luxury: Private, Three-Day Edinburgh Whiskey Tour

What about a luxury alcohol vacation? Get your retiree a private, three-day whisky tour in Edinburgh. There are several options, and all provisions, all-inclusive, white-glove service. It’s an unforgettable experience for serious whisky fans.

What Makes Alcohol Spirits a Luxury Item?:  Fine scotch and whiskey are a staple of the luxury life. Well-made liquors are leagues better than cheap options — and a special treat for people on special occasions.

#5: Golf Putters

Men — from the United States to Uganda — retire onto the golf course. They spend their days on the greens and their nights in front of a giant television.

For these guys, a great putter is a super option.

TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Brandon 3 Putter

TaylorMade’s TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3 Putter’s state-of-the-art design improves accuracy. It may look a little funny, but the PGA professionals who use them don’t seem to mind.

Kentack DragonEyes Putter

Kentack is a high-end Japanese golf brand, and the DragonEyes club is its signature putter. The graphite club looks rich; plus, it’s a bit of a status symbol. It may not be the “best” putter on the market, but it’s certainly a statement. 

What Makes Golf Putters a Luxury Item?: Golf is expensive, and wealthy people love it. That qualifies it in our book.

#6: Custom-Made Clothes

Among the more unique retirement gifts for dad is custom-made clothes. 

We don’t recommend getting bespoke threads for someone who isn’t a family member. But for Pops, it’s sweet. 

Introductory Luxury: Tom James

Tom James is a mid-tier step in the world of custom clothing. By no means are they “cheap,” but you won’t be paying Armani prices (see below).

Their duds are sharp, and the company uses fine cashmere. Tom James has been around since the 1800s and is the world’s largest provider of custom-made clothing for men.

High-End Luxury: Armani

Armani is a premiere clothier best known for its menswear collections. In terms of price, we’ll put it this way: If you have to ask how much, you may want to scroll back up and consider Tom James instead. 

What Makes Custom Clothing a Luxury Item?: In the world of the 1%, bespoke always equals better. Simultaneously, it’s something everyone should try — at least once. 

#7: Aristocratic Titles

What’s more luxury than an aristocratic title? 

Would the retiring male in your life love to be a lord, baron, count, duke, or prince? Why not make it happen? That’s right: You can buy your way into the aristocracy (at least on paper).

Introductory: Established Titles  

Established Titles is the easy road into the Scottish nobility. For the low, low price of $50, you, too, can become a lord or lady. 

How does it work?

You buy a square foot plot of land (enough to plant a tree, essentially) and are then granted a lord- or ladyship. Using a real name is mandatory (i.e., Lord Michael Scott or Lady Holly Flax). Plots up to X feet are available.

But fair warning: You don’t retain the right to do whatever you want on your “plot” of land. All you get out of it is the title. On the bright side:  

High-End: Nobility Titles 

The Nobility Titles program works similarly to Established Titles but costs a lot more because their options have provenance. 

What Makes Aristocratic Titles a Luxury Item?: What’s fancier than a noble title? Royalty and luxury are practically synonymous. 

#8: Coffee Maker

Coffee, for many, is more than just a hot beverage — it’s a religion. And in fancy homes worldwide sit some of the best java fountains on the planet — even in Jolly Ole’ England, where tea is the favorite boiling caffeine drink.

Introductory Luxury: Jura 8

The Jura 8 is *sometimes* available through Crate & Barrel. Otherwise, you have to track them down through the manufacturer. While they’re not outrageously expensive, at about $2,800, they’re also not cheap.

What makes it so special? It’s got lots of bells and whistles, including AI functionality — and it’s better than your favorite barista at making foam. 

High-End Luxury: Kees Van Der Westen Speedster

The Kees Van Der Westen Speedster is the espresso maker for the rich and famous. Lifestyle outlets say Kees is the coffee maker to have in Silicon Valley and up the Pacific Northwest coast. It’ll set you back about $7,000, but it makes a sensational cup of espresso.

What Makes Coffee Makers a Luxury Item?: Good coffee can make anyone (who likes coffee) feel like a King or Queen every morning. It’s liquid nectar with a caffeine boost. 

#9: Sunglasses

Fact: Sunglasses make everyone look better. 

The right pair of shades automatically raises your aesthetic level several points — whether you’re 6 or 65! 

Plus, sunglasses are great to pair with putters, luggage, and custom clothing as part of a retirement present.

Persol Po2803s Rectangular Sunglasses 

This pair of Persol Po2803s rectangular sunglasses are classic, good-looking, and versatile. The price point isn’t that high — in terms of luxury items — but they convey class. 

High-End: Robert Marc

If you’re looking for custom options, hook your retiree up with Robert Marc. The uber-trendy, NYC-based, handcrafted-in-France, Silicon-Valley-coveted accessory brand is one of the “it” sunglass designers of the decade. 

Options start at about $520 and go up to however much you want to spend.     

What Makes Sunglasses a Luxury Item?: Picture it: Larvotto Beach, Monaco. You’re there, feet sinking in the beige sand, as aquamarine water glides up and caresses your toes.

Above, a beaming white sun floats in a baby blue sky. At this perfect moment, what do you reach for? That’s right: sunglasses that make you feel — and look — like the most interesting person in the world.  

#10: Statement Watch

Watches are a staple retirement gift — but if your dad is a traditional guy, a super nice one may hit the spot.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a luxury watchmaker dating back to 1839 and claims the title of “inventor of the wrist clock” — a little bauble the craftsman made for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868. 

Though based in Switzerland, Patek Philippe was founded by Antoni Patek and Jean Philippe, Polish and French watchmakers, respectively.

The Stern family acquired Patek in 1932 and remains its primary, private owner, making it Geneva’s last family-owned independent watch manufacturer.

How much does a Patek Philippe cost? As much as you want to spend – but let’s just say you could choose between a watch and a small yacht.

Tag Heuer Blue Sunray Dial

Tag Heuer is a solid, respected watch brand. Prep school kids get a “starter Tag” for high school graduation, and many stick with the brand for their lifetimes, upgrading every decade or so.

But it’s also a special choice for retirees who’ve never spent more than $300 on a watch.

What Makes Watches a Luxury Item?: Since the dawn of civilization, humans have held clocks in high reverence. In medieval times, only the nobility could afford timepieces.

While clocks and watches have become ubiquitous, a watch is still considered an appropriate gift for change-of-life celebrations. 

#11: Coolers

Spending time in the great outdoors revives the body, mind, and soul — especially if you’re with friends and there are plenty of drinks and food. If your retiree is an outdoorsman who appreciates having “the best” — relatively speaking — of everything, why not hook him up with a higher-end cooler?

(Note: Coolers aren’t a good option for men who’d rather watch paint dry than step outside.)

Introductory Luxury: Yeti Tundra Haul

Why did we pick the Yeti Tundra Haul cooler as the “introductory luxury” option? No reason. Because, let’s be honest, once you reach a certain “cooler strata,” there’s not much more you can do.  

High-End: Pelican Elite Cooler With Wheels

Pelican is another “high-end” cooler brand. It’s a tad more expensive than Yeti, but the price differential is negligible.

Sure, each brand has its advocates, but if you like one, you’ll probably be just as happy with the other.

What Makes Coolers a Luxury Item?: OK, we’ll admit coolers don’t fall easily under the “luxury” umbrella. But they’re so useful! And there’s a large market for “high-end” ones.

#12: Chef’s Knives

Does your retiree enjoy cooking? Then a super chef’s knife is a great gift idea. Throw in a top-shelf sharpener to complete the package. 

Introductory Luxury: Zwilling J.A. Henckels

J.A. Henckels is a solid cutlery brand popular among newlyweds. They have quality products for mid-range and high-end budgets.

The Stainless Damascus 10″ Chef’s Knife works as an “introductory luxury” chef’s knife for the man who blends to spend his days testing out recipes and creating his own. Spoil your honoree and spring for the entire set.

Wusthof IKON

The Wusthof IKON Cook’s Knife features a seamless, high-carbon steel blade and an African wood handle supported by a double bolster.

What does all that mean? Basically, it’s a sturdy, eco-friendly option that lasts a long time and cuts like butter. 

What Makes Chef Knives a Luxury Item?: A predecessor of the spear, if you think about it, knives helped humans dominate the animal kingdom. According to Forbes, our ancestors invented them over 2.5 million years ago. 

#13: Great Chair

Virginia Wolfe rhapsodized about “a room of one’s own,” but we’d argue that a “chair of one’s own” is equally as sweet.

And thankfully, in these digital days, options abound.

Fjords Hjellegjerde Scandinavian Lounge

The Fjords Hjellegjerde Scandinavian Lounge is a reclining leather chair with an ottoman. Comfortable, minimalist, and stylish, it’ll go with most decors.

It is ergonomically sound and designed to support the spine and foster good posture, but larger gentlemen may want to look elsewhere.

TFJS Automatic Household Massager

Would the retiree in your life enjoy a daily massage? Then consider the TFJS-Automatic Household Multifunctional Massager. Much more powerful than one of those “massage recliners” that cost a few hundred bucks, this bad boy feels like you’re getting a real massage.

Circulation becomes increasingly important the older we get, and this gadget chair helps ensure your muscles remain as pampered as possible and keeps things moving along in the circulatory system. Not only does it feel divine, but it’s excellent for one’s health.

What Makes Furniture a Luxury Item?: There’s practical furniture and high-art conceptual stuff. But we targeted our choices toward a gadget man who appreciates Norwegian lines — because why not?

#14: Outdoor Office

“Bob” and “Cathy” have been married for 40 years. Cathy was a homemaker, and Bob worked for an engineering firm.

Cathy is used to having alone time during the day, and Bob is used to…buzzing around.

So what do Bob and Cathy need most — since they’ll now be spending double the amount of time together? 

Space! So why not get dad an outside office? 

Handy Home Windermere

Marketed as a “woodshed,” this 20 X 12 unit has large windows, double barn doors, and a cute cottage look. Assembly is required. But for a retiring handyman — or a man who fancies himself a handyman — putting together his office may be the perfect first project. 

Backyard Office

Companies like Backyard Office make “real” detached offices for backyards. Licensed construction workers build their units, and most options include a working bathroom.

The quality outstrips DIY options by a mile, but expect to pay between $40,000 and $50,000. 

What Makes Outdoor Offices a Luxury Item?: Having a private place, away from the house, to toy, fiddle, and do your own thing is the definition of luxury. 

#15: Fishing Trips

Imagine your giftee on the back of a chartered fishing boat, in the middle of nowhere, with expert anglers who know where to spot the region’s fish.

Or maybe his Nirvana is found in the middle of a pristine stream with his line above and afar.

If that would sound like heaven to him, why not spring for an expense-paid, multi-day fishing trip?

High-End: Norwegian Flyfishers Club in Rogstadmoen, Norway

For over 30 years, the Norwegian Flyfishers Club has welcomed small groups weekly during fishing season. 

Guests stick to the expansive private property, which includes portions of the Gaula River, in addition to several ponds and creeks.

Some of the biggest salmon in the world call the Gaula home, and the club is a staunch advocate of conservation efforts. 

The premium lodge, which you can rent out for the week and bring along six friends, dates back to 1837 but has been renovated to meet the highest modern standards.

Introductory: Sea Otter Sound Lodge

Set on the picturesque Kodiak Island in Alaska, Sea Otter Sound Lodge is fishing done right — but not at all stuffy. Views from the lodge are breathtaking, and each room has cathedral-sized windows through which you can soak it all in.

Kodiak Island is for coldwater fishing, and guests vie for rockfish, lingcod, halibut, rainbow trout, and Pacific salmon.

What’s for breakfast? Everything from reindeer to eggs benedict.

What Makes Fishing Trips a Luxury Item?: Fly fishing is a gentleman’s leisure activity dating back to 2nd century Rome (101 CE to 200 CE). Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, is an avid fly fisherman — alongside hundreds of people in North America, Norway, New Zealand, and Guatemala — the world’s top fly fishing locales. 

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Final Thoughts

You know you don’t have to spend a fortune to let the man in your life know how proud you are of his career accomplishments. But certain occasions call for something truly special, and retirement is one of those occasions.

Choose a gift that will knock his socks off – or at least make him feel all of those years of hard work were worth it.

What's a good retirement gift for a man? Well, it depends. Here are some luxury retirement gifts for him you can give to someone who loves it.

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