35 Hobbies That Are Perfect for Women Over 50

You’re over 50 and don’t have a hobby, eh?

Join the club.

Psychologists and self-help gurus swear the road to personal satisfaction is lined with “things you love to do.”

And they’re right!

But let’s face it: Most people spend the bulk of their time working and wrestling with life’s practicalities and haven’t had time to pursue hobbies, interests, and passions. 

However, you’re finally ready to take control and find a hobby you love.

To lend a hand, we’ve created a list of new hobby ideas. 

Specifically, we’re looking at options for ladies aged 50 and over.

What to Consider When Looking for Hobbies for Older Women 

What should you weigh when considering hobbies for retired women? We recommend following the four parameters below.

  • Budget: Hobbies you can’t afford become burdens very quickly. So pick something that fits comfortably inside your budget.
  • Location: If you live in, say, Florida, downhill skiing probably isn’t the most prudent choice. 
  • Responsibilities: Everyone has personal and family commitments. Make sure your new interest doesn’t collide with them.
  • Practicalities: Consider your physical well-being, mental health, and logistical limitations when shopping for potential passions.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to shop around and “try on” a few different hobbies. The first few things you choose may not be a great fit, and that’s okay!

35 Unique Hobbies for Women Over 50

You’re ready to find a hobby — but are looking for something a bit different. We see you and have curated a list with unique options for women aged 50 and over.

Of course, not every suggestion will be your cup of tea. But we hope you find a few options that whet your whistle.

Arts and Letters

Are you creative? Or perhaps more intellectually minded? If that’s your jam, these hobbies may be right up your alley.

Letter Writing

Since its advent, letter writing has become a long-lost art. But people love to get them! Plus, studies show that composing long, hand-written notes improves cognitive function and staves off conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Romance Writing

Though widely condemned by critics and literary snobs, romance novels rank among the best-selling books year after year. Plus, they’re incredible escapism. So why not try your hand at writing one? Who knows, you may be the next EL James!


Painting is great. But have you ever considered trying your hand at ceramics and pottery? You needn’t get a kiln; plenty of clays can burnish in a regular kitchen oven. 

Music and Songwriting

Do you play an instrument? Or perhaps you used to play one and are considering picking it up again. Instead of concentrating on playing others’ music, give songwriting a try.


Needlepoint is an old-school hobby that’s making a comeback. It may be your perfect passion if you’re into the country-cottage aesthetic.


Quilting is another craft that often takes a backseat to knitting and crocheting, but in our humble opinion, it’s worth pursuing. It’s a way to keep family stories alive. Plus, it keeps motor skills sharp and is an excellent stress reliever.

Synchronized Swimming

Have you ever watched one of those old-timey movies with full-scale swimming productions? They’re mesmerizing, right!? Learning how to “water dance” can be a fun and healthy pursuit for people with pools. 


So you don’t have the best painting skills — but you may be a fantastic collage artist. It’s a great way to purge your home of old magazines stuffed in the basement and closets. Moreover, you may be surprised at how great they turn out. 

Furniture Making

We’re not suggesting you start by whipping up elaborately carved shelving. But what about a small, simple table? Many women never think to give woodworking a shot, but when they do, many can’t put down their tools. 


Many young people could use a solid, encouraging adult to help them navigate life and figure out what path they want to be on. If you have a specialty, consider becoming a mentor. It’s a great way to give back.

Multimedia, Technology, and Finance

Are you a gadget head? Does technology or finances get your juices flowing? If so, check out these ideas.

Video Editing

We live in the digital age, and vlogging is the new blogging. Many women in their “silver years” have found a new outlet through content creation. Pick a topic that interests you and give it a go! Thankfully, several free editing programs are available. Then, if you get into it, you can invest in a professional one.


It’s never too late to try something, so why not give filmmaking a shot? These days, all you need is a camera phone to get started. Write a script or do an improv scene. Also, rope your buddies into acting. It will be something different and fun for everyone. 

Model Building

Model building involves artistry and dexterity. In a way, they’re elaborate puzzles, making them an excellent hobby for women aged 50 and over interested in things that maintain mental acuity. 

Digital Art

Digital art is more than just taking and editing pictures. These days, you can make masterpieces with a few clicks. You don’t even need creative talent. Artificial intelligence painting programs are now available. 


No rule says your hobbies must be something physical or crafty. A lot of women find they have a talent for numbers and get into investing. It’s a form of gambling, so don’t choose this if you don’t have the budget. 

Building Computers

The computing field is divided into two main categories: hardware and software. The latter is the domain of coding, programming, and using digital programs. The former is about building actual computers. If this sounds fun, start by checking out the Reddit community called PC Master Race


The robots are coming. Nay, many of them have already arrived! And yes, kits are available that allow people to make their own. For people with technical brains, building robots is an enjoyable pastime.  


People love podcasts, and the barrier to entry is low. All you need is a computer, microphone, and a recording program. Enlist friends to join you (because podcasts with two or three people work better). Also, try not to give up if it doesn’t take off immediately. It takes time to grow an audience.

Domestic Divatude

Being a domestic diva is just as impressive as being a CEO. So if your natural inclinations lean toward cooking, cleaning, and making a cozy home, consider the following hobby ideas for women over 50. 

Homemade Pasta

There’s a lot of great pasta on the market, but the homemade stuff tops them all. Moreover, it’s a fun activity that can take a lifetime to master. Start simple, and as you improve, get creative with ingredient choices.

Making Preserves

Back in the day, people made preserves like we call DoorDash. If you’re a foodie in search of a new hobby, give it a shot. After all, there’s nothing quite like homemade jams and fruit spreads.

Expert Organizing

Everyone has different lifestyles, but studies show that people who live in tidy spaces enjoy more peace of mind. Plus, getting organized is a lot of fun for many people. If that sounds like you, why not dive into the wide world of developing highly-efficient spaces?


If you have the space — (which, granted, few people do) — investing in an old-fashioned loom can lead to hours of fun and amazing blankets. If you don’t live in a manse, tabletop ones are also available. 

Gardening and Plants

You don’t need a massive plot of land to garden — even if you want to grow produce. Check out indoor and balcony gardening, then give it a go. Or, lean into plants — both outdoor and indoor.


Sewing is relaxing whether you do it by hand or with a machine. Moreover, making your own curtains, clothes, and furniture coverings is a creative endeavor that keeps one’s dexterity sharp as a tack.

Interior Decoration

Can you spend hours rummaging through antique stores and flea markets hunting for hidden gems? Do you love sifting through Pinterest for decoration ideas? Is HGTV appointment viewing in your home? If you answered yes to these questions, stop being an armchair decorator and give it a shot! 

Car Mechanics and Detailing

Not all domestic duties involve cooking, growing, and nurturing. So if tires and spark plugs get your engine revving, maybe the hobby for you is car mechanics or detailing. Who says a woman over 50 can’t get under a car?  


True Talk: The cost of candles has skyrocketed over the past several years! So if you’re a fan of flames or scented wax, start making your own. All you need is some molds, bulk wax, wicks, and aromatic oils. When you get the hang of it, graduate to wax candle sculptures. 

Outdoor and Exercise Pursuits

Have you always had a connection to the great outdoors? Does exercise enhance your mood? Then explore hobbies that get you out and about. 


Kayaking is a full-body workout — and for water lovers, it’s an excellent hobby. Don’t worry if you don’t have a kayak lying around; rentals are available at boat houses and sporting goods stores. So give it a shot for a couple of months, and if you fall in love, then buy. 


Running is an age-old activity. In fact, many evolutionary anthropologists believe humans’ ability to run played a huge part in our species’ development. Studies conclusively prove that it does a body good and is one of the best ways to trigger the body’s feel-good hormones.  

Roller Skating

Over the past several years, roller skating has been making a comeback! How long has it been since you strapped on a pair of gliders? Not only is roller skating fun, but it’s super exercise. If you keep at it, your legs and bum will thank you!

Rare-Plant Spotting

Do you live in the country? Near a forest or nature preserve? Do you enjoy spending time outside exploring nature’s miracles? If yes, rare-plant spotting may be a good hobby fit. Just ensure you don’t trespass on grounds closed to human traffic.  

Archeology / Local History

Much of human history is lying quietly in the Earth’s strata, waiting to be discovered. Moreover, smaller archeological digs are happening all the time, some of which accept volunteers. If digging in the dirt doesn’t sound appealing, becoming involved in your area’s local history can also be rewarding.


Technically, anything is possible. So why not set your sights on becoming the next Sybil “Queenie” Newall, winner of a 1908 Olympic medal in archery? Even if you don’t go for gold, archery is an excellent way to maintain hand-eye coordination; plus, it’s a fresh-air activity.  


Is SCUBA diving a bit above your pay grade — and risk quotient? Then why not give snorkeling a shot instead? There’s a magnificent, wonderous world just right below the surface, waiting to be explored.  


Spending the night under the stars, sleeping in the woods, and cooking on simple appliances fills the soul. You needn’t be a youngster to appreciate the joys of camping, and it’s a great hobby to get into if you love to travel but have a budget to mind. 

How To Commit to New Hobbies for Older Women

Hobbies do wonders for emotional balance, mental health, and general life satisfaction. But the trick is sticking with something. But how? After all, life has a way of stealing time and throwing roadblocks in people’s paths. 

So the question becomes: How can I turn a hobby into a habit? 

According to scientists, people who stick to the following steps have a better chance of succeeding:

  1. Pick Wisely: Don’t choose a potential hobby that would stress your budget. Moreover, it should be something you genuinely enjoy.
  2. Set Reasonable Goals and Benchmarks: You won’t be an expert in a matter of months. So start slowly.
  3. Establish a Routine: Incorporate the hobby into your weekly or daily schedule.
  4. Stick With It: Commit to doing it for a certain period of time. Some people say it takes 28 days to form a habit; others believe 40 times is the magic number. 
  5. Be Flexible: Life has a habit of getting in the way. So allow for flexibility; don’t beat yourself up for skipping a day. Hobbies should be pleasurable, not a source of stress. 

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to find interests, passions, and hobbies that enhance your life. We hope some of our suggestions piqued your interest. Good luck, and have fun!

Get bored no more and try these hobbies for women over 50 so you continue to enjoy and have fun in your senior years.