Rebrand ‘Grandpa’ with These 65+ Badass Names To Call A Grandfather

Who said grandpas can’t be cool, tough, and a little badass? 

Buckle up because we’re about to revolutionize the way you think about grandfatherhood. 

We’re here to guide you in choosing a grandfather name that’s got grit, gusto, and a hint of grizzled charm. 

With 65 exciting options to explore, you’re sure to find a name that embodies both wisdom and strength — perfect for today’s adventurous and spirited grandpas.

How to Decide on a Cool Name for Grandpa

Deciding on a name that is both cool and fits your persona is more art than science.

grandad with kids laughing badass grandpa names

The key is to strike the perfect balance between timeless wisdom and youthful energy.

Here are some pointers:

  • Reflect on your personality: Are you a tough, rugged outdoorsman or a wise, book-loving sage? Maybe you’re a hobbyist with a knack for guitars or classic cars. Let your persona guide your choice.
  • Consider your cultural background: Cultural roots often inspire great names. If there’s a language or heritage you feel connected to, explore names from that background.
  • Draw inspiration from icons: Look at characters from your favorite films, books, or history who embody the spirit you want your grandfather’s name to carry.
  • Listen to how it sounds: Speak the name out loud. Does it roll off the tongue, or does it sound awkward? A badass grandpa name should be easy to pronounce and memorable to the little ones.
  • Involve your grandkids: If they’re old enough, why not include your grandkids in the decision? They might come up with something unexpected and completely cool. After all, they will be the ones calling you by this name!

Above all, choose a name that resonates with you. After all, a cool grandpa name is all about expressing your unique self in grand style.

65 Badass Grandpa Names to Make You The Coolest Pop in Town

Ready to dive into the sea of awesome names for Granddad? From classic monikers with a twist to entirely new concepts, this list is packed with inspiration to redefine your grandpa game. Let’s shake up tradition!

  1. Mr. Big: A title that signifies his significance in the family and his big heart.
  2. Power Pop: A name for the man who’s robust, strong, and always full of energy.
  3. Lord Pops: A regal title for the granddad who’s considered the head of the family.
  4. Da-Man: Just right for the guy who’s always got things under control and exudes coolness.
  5. Titon: A grandfather who is strong and formidable, just like the Titans from mythology.
  6. Toughy: For the grandfather who is resilient and can handle any situation with courage.
  7. Crowbar: An emblem of strength and practicality, ideal for a hands-on man.
  8. Snakey: For the man who’s sly, smart, and can weave his way out of any sticky situation.
  9. Baldy Man: A fun, light-hearted name for the man who sports the sleek, bald look with pride.
  10. Jeter: Inspired by baseball great Derek Jeter, excellent for a sports-loving grandpa.
  11. Camo: For the man who loves the outdoors, hunting or has a military background.
  12. Bullet: A name for the gramps who’s always on the move, swift, and full of energy.
  13. Curly: A sweet and endearing name for a man with a head of curly hair or a curly sense of humor.
  14. Big Bean: A fun, lighthearted name that showcases his softer, more nurturing side.
  15. Rooster: For the man who’s an early riser or the life of the party.
  16. Brick: Signifying his reliability and steadfastness.
  17. Tom Cat: For the playful, curious, and agile grandfather.
  18. Judge: A man who’s wise, fair, and always knows how to settle disputes.
  19. Stoney: For the man who’s solid, dependable, and has a strength that’s built to last.
  20. Mr. T: A cool, catchy name inspired by the iconic actor and wrestler.
  21. Biggie: For the granddad who’s larger than life in every way.
  22. Thor:  A name for a guy who’s strong, brave, and maybe has a bit of a godly aura.
  23. General: A commanding title for a grandfather who leads with authority and respect.
  24. Wolfman: Perfect for a guy who’s wise, loyal, and fiercely protective of his pack.
  25. Popcorn: A fun name for the gramps who’s always ready for a movie night.
  26. Daddle: A sweet, endearing name that combines ‘dad’ and ‘cuddle’ — cool for a loving, warm grandpa.
  27. Sire: A regal and respectful title for the man who’s the king of the family.
  28. Boss-Man: For the dude who runs the show and has a knack for leadership.
  29. Daddy-o: A cool, retro term for a granddad who’s hip and stylish.
  30. Bippy: A fun, playful name that’s sure to make the grandkids giggle.
  31. Silky: Good for a guy who’s smooth, sophisticated, and has a way with words.
  32. Pop-Up: For a granddad who’s full of surprises and always has a trick up his sleeve.
  33. Mr. Pop: A name that exudes both respect and love for him.
  34. Captain: Show off your leadership skills with a touch of nautical charm.
  35. Ace: For the man who always knows how to win.
  36. Hip-Pop: This cool, rhythmic name for a grandparent who’s always in tune with the latest trends
  37. Chief: Great for the patriarch who’s always in charge.
  38. Rocket Pop: Suits the man with a penchant for adventure and exploration.
  39. Spike: For the dude with an edgy, dynamic personality.
  40. Wolf: A nod to wisdom, mystery, and wilderness.
  41. Boomer: For a man who’s full of life and energy, creating a ‘boom’ of excitement wherever he goes.
  42. Duke: A patriarch with a regal air, commanding respect and love from his family.
  43. King Pop: Excellent for a gent who’s the ruling monarch of fun in the family.
  44. Rumble: A name for a man who’s always ready for an adventure or a playful wrestling match.
  45. Skipper: A senior who navigates the seas of life with expertise and ease, just like a ship’s captain.
  46. Buzzy: For a man who’s always buzzing with energy and positivity.
  47. G-Dog: A hip and cool name for a grandpa who’s in tune with the younger generation.
  48. Granddude: A laid-back and fun name for a guy who’s always up for a good time.
  49. Pop Daddy: A blend of tradition and coolness, this name adds a twist to the classic ‘Pop.’
  50. Daddy Bear: For a senior who’s strong, protective, and gives the best bear hugs.
  51. Grumpus: A playful name for a grandpa who’s a bit grumpy but incredibly lovable.
  52. Tiger King: Spot-on for a gramps who’s strong, fierce, and rules the family jungle.
  53. Daddy-man: A cool and casual name that the grandkids will love to use.
  54. G-Man: A stylish name for the guy who’s always looking sharp.
  55. Gruffy: For an elder who’s a bit rough around the edges but soft on the inside.
  56. Buck: A grandfather who’s strong and agile, just like a buck.
  57. Paps: A sweet, short, and traditional name with a loving touch.
  58. Snapper: For a quick-witted dude who’s always got a smart remark.
  59. Mr. Cool: The perfect name for a man who’s always trendy and hip.
  60. Popsicle: A sweet and fun name that’s for a granddad who loves a good laugh.
  61. Cool Dude: For a man who’s always stylish, relaxed, and a friend to all.
  62. Mr. Dude: A laid-back and cool name for a grandpa who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  63. Rascal: For a playful gramps who’s always up for a bit of mischief.
  64. Wild Man: For the gramps who’s adventurous, outdoorsy, and a bit wild at heart.
  65. Poppidy Pop: A rhythmic, catchy name that’s fun to say and greatt for a lively grandpa.

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What Are Some Southern Names for Grandpa?

Southern culture is a rich tapestry of traditions, hospitality, and deep familial ties, and this often extends to the names used for family members, including grandfathers.

senior man with kids badass grandpa names

Southern grandfather names often reflect the region’s charm, grace, and sense of respect for elders. Whether they draw from old-fashioned names, geographical landmarks, or Southern traditions, these names evoke a sense of warmth, wisdom, and love for the outdoors.

  1. Pappy: A traditional Southern name that brings to mind fond memories and deep family roots.
  2. Bubba: Affectionate and casual, it’s a popular choice across the Southern states.
  3. PawPaw: An endearing name that’s commonly used in the South to address a grandpa.
  4. Pop-Pop: A fun, rhythmic Southern name with a friendly and laid-back vibe.
  5. Colonel: For a grandfather with a commanding presence, this name carries respect and authority.
  6. Dixie: A charming, geographical tribute to the old South for a proud Southern patriarch.
  7. Beau: Means ‘handsome’ in French, often used in the Southern states to address loved ones.
  8. Captain: Ideal for a granddad who loves the sea or simply leads the family with his wisdom and experience.
  9. Gator: A cool, outdoorsy nickname for a man who loves wildlife or simply has a fierce and protective nature.
  10. Cotton: This name is a nod to the South’s agricultural history, good for a grandfather with a strong connection to the land.

What Are Some Irish Names for Grandpa?

Most English-speaking children in Ireland call their grandfathers Granda or Grandad.

three generations of men being happy badass grandpa names

However, the Irish language, also known as Gaelic, is steeped in history and beauty, and Irish grandpa names often reflect this.

They not only carry the charm and poetic rhythm of the Irish tongue but also express respect and affection towards the elders in the family.

  1. Seanathair: The traditional Irish term for grandfather, it literally translates to “old father” and signifies respect and reverence.
  2. Daideo: A more informal and affectionate term for grandpa, Daideo is commonly used in Irish households.
  3. Athair Mór: Translates to ‘great father,’ this grand title conveys respect and familial love.
  4. Athair Críonna: This term means ‘wise father’ for a grandpa who’s the source of wisdom in the family.
  5. Mórshéanathair: A grand term meaning ‘great grandfather,’ this conveys deep respect for the lineage and ancestry.
  6. Seandaideo: A term that blends ‘old’ and ‘grandpa’ for a patriarch with a sense of humor.
  7. Gael: A name that means ‘Irishman,’ suitable for a grandpa who’s proud of his Irish heritage.
  8. Clover: A charming, non-traditional name that symbolizes good luck and the Emerald Isle.
  9. Fionn: Named after Fionn mac Cumhaill, a hero from Irish mythology, perfect for a grandpa who loves to share old tales.
  10. Shamrock: An endearing term that represents Ireland, ideal for a grandpa who embodies the spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the grandeur of grandparenthood with a name that mirrors the character and influence of the grandpas in our lives.

Whether you opt for a name steeped in tradition, a moniker with a hint of fun, or a title that breaks the mold, let it be a badge of honor that signifies the irreplaceable bond between generations.

Be the coolest pop in town. See some of the badass grandpa names we've collected in this post and choose one to use.